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6 October 2015

eeni meeni mini moh

We all know the old nursery rhyme.  The saying now is probably considered quite politically incorrect - but enni meeni mini moh has delivered us a very environmentally correct range for newborns this summer.  Please let me introduce the limited edition La Petite Collection for a beautiful newborns. 

The range comes in lovely white and orange spot so its just perfect for all newborns.  Not only does the range look great but its of a bamboo and cotton mix which is soft, light and silky to touch.  Its cool to wear, breathable, absorbent, anti-bacterial and microbial/odour free.  Sounds so good it might even wash itself!!!

This is really a limited edition and produced from a sustainable crop.  Absolutely perfect for gift giving as eash item comes in a lovely gift box.  Get in quick!

31 August 2015

Away visiting

Hello Everyone
I am currently off visiting visiting my grand daughter, brand new grand son and my son who has returned from Afghanistan.  Having such a great time I'm staying on for a few more days.  To give my clever 'helper' some relief I'll post all orders on Monday 7 September.  Order placed before then receive $20 off each order due to the delay.

By the way - summer stock is rolling in and its amazing.  So stock up on winter gear for next year using the code 'grandma'.

Grandma leave
All orders to be posted on 7 Sept - so take $20 off by using code 'grandma'.

27 July 2015

Perfect outfit for all occasions

Have you run of of ideas.  Well how about this cute little outfit.  Great overalls that are super warm and comfy from the lucious Fabrik.  Add the Fox & Finch Baby Je Taime tee shirt, the Bebe cable knit swing cardi in shocking red and the Bebe fluffy blue beanie.  The end result of "OMG'.  Your little honey will be cosy, warm and STUNNING.  Throw a little rug over her knees and she's even ready for the footy.

21 July 2015

The Bamboo Design has arrived!!

We all know we should take care of our eroding environment but sometimes its not easy and we reach for the items that may not take as good a care of our environment.  But Bamboo Designs make it easy for us to care for the environment as well as our most treasure possessions - our nestlings.  In a nutshell, bamboo fibre is:

  • unbelievable soft (I'm grabbing some for my grandnestling)
  • Super absorbent (another reason why I'm grabbing some for my grandnestling)
  • Sustainable (better get in quick before I grab them all for my grandnestling)
I have a lovely range of bathrobes, hooded towels, socks, tights and onesies that will be going online as quickly as my fingers can operate.

To Bamboo Design customers I have some freebie Bamboo Wet Wipes to give away with purchase of a Bamboo Design items.  The wipes are anti-bacterial, fragrance free and there are 70 wipes in a packet (I might have to also grab some for me second grandnestling due very soon). 

Read more on the benefits of bamboo:

Here is a snap shot of what will be online this week. 


30 June 2015

Solstice 15

Its school holiday time and I hope everyone is enjoying the break and maybe even able to get away for a few days of down time with the kids. 

Can you believe that it is 30 June already?  Where is the year going?  We’ve had the winter solstice about a week ago so we’re on the slippery slope of winter 2015.  Well, the only thing standing between us and the long summer days is the actual cold weather as the really cold months are yet to come.  So now is the time to rejuvenate the nestlings wardrobe with some great winter gear at great prices.

Here are a couple of outfits that can brighten up any gloomy winter’s day.

For young lady’s I just love this dress from Hootkid.  Team it with some leggings for extra warmth and to complete the look you’ll get a free pair of blingy Hootkid sunglasses.  Total cost is under $50.

For gentlemen – what about a real colour blitz with Bebe & Hootkid (free pair of sunnies for the boys Hootkid order as well).

To ease the pain of the really cold days ahead nestling is offering free postage on all orders for the next week.  Offer ends Monday 6 July.  Just enter solstice15 at the checkout.

So enjoy the snuggly weather with your nestlings.  I’ll be curling up in front of the first concentrating on the Winter 16 orders.